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Welcome back! The SMPS office opens at 8:00AM on August 25th.


First Day Procedures: click here


First day for Extended Day Program procedures: click here


School hours remain 9-3:30.  Proposed changes to start/end times are for next year in 2015.


Schools supplies list: click here


Empty Seat Requestsa memo to parents about our processes and timelines for available seats on the school buses. Empty Seat application  


In the Spring, parents and students (grade 4-8) were asked to complete an online survey  ("Tell Them From Me") about bullying and other related topics.  Click here for the results: Grade 4-6, Grade 7-8, Parents.  These results and our resulting plan of action will be shared with the School Council in the Fall.


Please note: Starting July 1, 2014, students who are 12 years of age and older - must show proof of vaccination against meningococcal disease with a meningococcal conjugate-ACYW-135 vaccine (Menactra) to be able to attend school. Click here for catch-up clinics in the Summer and Fall.


Is your child going to Merivale HS in the Fall?  You might want to attend their School Council meeting on September 9th and 7:00pm.


We will be doing magazine subscriptions again the Fall (the money raised paid for all of our amazing arts shows).  If you are looking to renew a subscription, click here for more info.


Walking School Bus is coming in the Fall: adult paid position available! This is a new pilot project to help kids gets to school safely.  Click here for more info.


June Newsletter is now posted!  Click here.


Upcoming Dates:

  • First day of school for grade 1-8: September 2
  • First day of Extended Day program for grade 1-8: September 2


Taking a trip and you need some school work for your children?  Check out these two great pages of ideas for kids on a holiday.  Grade 1-8, Kindergarten


French Help: Click here for two OCDSB recommended websites for French help.

"Best Practices for Parents at SMPS":  A list of best practices for parents has been developed to help new and returning parents/ care-givers know how we do things here at Steve MacLean PS.

SMPS Code of Conduct: as found in your child's agenda